Communication is critical to making a group work well together, and we’ve got all the tools you need in one place.

Use the dashboard to highlight what’s most important for your group by dragging and dropping out-of-the-box blocks of personalized content, or create your own blocks. Members will land here every time they log in to the system.
Take the pain out of email communication with our lists. Create as many lists as you want based on roles or subgroups, and they stay up to date automatically! Spam filtering and open and click tracking included.
Configure the site to notify people automatically about when to learn music, if they’ve been invited to an event, or if they have an invoice due.
Post blogs for your members securely and easily
The group calendar is where all your singers can find out where to be, and what’s going to happen when they arrive. Use the call-time and private notes field to give detailed instructions about performances, like what outfit to wear, or where to park.
Ask simple questions with polls, or create complex forms to gather detailed information from your members.