Music & Learning

A convenient place for your music PDF files, learning tracks, video resources, choreography and song-specific riser charts/riser placements in one place. Keep track of thousands of songs in your library, and assign the current ones to your singers by role.
Assign music to be learned, give it a date, and keep track of how well each singer knows each piece.
Create detailed programs for your rehearsals and performances, including what music will be rehearsed or performed, detailed timing and assignment of time blocks to section leaders or other music staff.
Drag-and-drop riser placements/standing charts take the guesswork out of getting on the risers. Organize your singers by voice part, by voice type, by height, etc. Overlay attendance or music learning information, to see otherwise hidden problems. Flat or curved risers both available.
See how well your music resources are being used and stay on top of per-copy fees
Singers can upload recordings of themselves to get feedback from section leaders, who listen and comment right on the site.
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