Patron & Donor CRM

Choir Genius has an integrated CRM system that will improve many aspects of your operations including marketing, ticket sales, recruiting, grant applications and of course donations. It is simple to set up and use, extremely powerful, and much less expensive than any comparable system.

Our contact database was designed from the ground up to support all the people and companies in your community. It’s an easy and flexible way to capture all your contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, as well as their physical addresses and preferences. We even capture relationships between contacts, so you can see who is an employee of a company in your database, or who belongs to the same household.
Each contact record keeps a complete history so can see every time that person made a donation, bought a ticket, attended an event, and every time you communicated with them. The complete history can be used to create advanced segments – see below!
Since all your contacts will (finally!) be in one place, the system will help you divide them into separate lists so you can have communicate with different messaging for each group. Segments can be built based on many criteria including history, and they can be as complex as you need them to be. So if you want to send email to everyone who made a donation in the past three years but not this year, who have never been a member, and who live within 20 miles of your house, you can do that! And of course, the segments stay up to date as your contacts change, saving you countless hours of work.
Once you’ve defined a segment, you can use it to drive an email list right from your web site, without resorting to disconnected third-party tools. And just like dedicated email marketing tools you might be familiar with, we’ll track every time a contact opens your email or clicks on a link, and notify you if your emails bounce.
Any contact in the system can be turned into an opportunity, so you can follow up with that person and nudge them through a series of steps towards taking an action, like joining your choir or making a donation. You can have one sales pipeline with customized stages for each sales process, from recruiting to grant applications to major gifts. Delegate the follow-up work to any number of outreach people, to really accelerate your results. This sales system is just as powerful as comparable tools from a billion-dollar company that will remain nameless, but much, much simpler to set up and use.
No marketing and sales system would be complete without a powerful reporting engine to show you the state of your database and your results. The Community module includes a reporting engine with many built-in reports that you can customize. You can even create your own reports completely from scratch. Reports can be exported to many different formats.
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