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Children's Choirs

Choir Genius is a specific choir management tool that includes features designed with children's choir management in mind

Here are just two benefits...

Parent/Child accounts ensure that information is available to families without the need for take-homes. Multichoir allows you to create music/repertoire areas for each of your choirs, that only they can see.

Community Choirs

Choir Genius was designed from the ground up for the community choirs and choruses of the world

Here are just a couple benefits...

The customizable member dashboard allows leadership to communicate cleanly with members at-a-glance. In-site member invoicing totally automates the collection of dues and music fees!

Elite & Pro Choirs

Choir Genius was created with security in mind which gives the managers of patron-supported choirs peace-of-mind

Here are just two benefits...

The program builder allows artistic directors to plan seasonal performances and rehearsals in advance and to the minute. Add-on a public website to promote your performances and sell tickets directly to your audience.
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Almost 1000 choirs and choruses use Choir Genius.

Here is what some of them have to say.

We needed help with our growing membership, and wanted to ensure that members had a professional experience even though we were still a fledgling organization. Fortunately, during our second year, we found more than a management tool – we found Chior Genius powered by Groupanizer, a very specific choral management tool with a children’s chorus management feature. This gave us one secure home in the cloud, with a set of master keys for staff, and room keys for our members and their parents and guardians.
Implementing Choir Genius powered by Groupanizer within our organization was the single best administrative decision we have made in years. The team at Groupanizer worked tirelessly with us to make sure we could get as much value from their service as possible. It’s very straightforward in it’s design, and elegant in it’s presentation. It has GREATLY simplified coordination and communication for our relatively large community choral group.
Board of Directors, Texas Choral Consort
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Our mission is to get more of the world singing by making it easy for choir administrators and musical leaders to run a choir. That’s what our choir management platform does – it’s a collection of powerful tools that work together seamlessly to get your whole group growing, thriving and making better music.

You may be wondering, why did we choose to go into this unusual business? Surely there are easier ways to make a buck! Indeed there are, but everyone on the Choir Genius / Groupanizer staff is a singer, dedicated to growing the singing community. Each of us rolls out of bed energized every day to make it happen, because we believe that singing matters.