Features Overview

Since 2009 we’ve been building and improving our choir system, and now we’ve got almost a thousand choirs using the system, worldwide. They have very different needs, but the Choir Genius system can be configured to work for any type of choir, from community choirs and church choirs to children’s choirs and professional ensembles. Features are summarized below.

From a powerful member database to attendance and invoicing tools, Choir Genius will help you handle your membership more easily than ever. Read the member management feature page for details.
Store and distribute your music files and learning tracks with our music library, and help everyone learn faster with our music learning system. You won’t find these features in any general-purpose tool! Read the music and learning feature page for details.
Nothing is more important than communication when you’re managing a choir! That’s why we’ve included all the tools you might need. Read the communication feature page for details.
Need to sell more tickets, get more donations, or accelerate your recruiting? CRM tools can be expensive and complicated, and hard to apply to a choir situation. Not ours! We call it the Community Module, and it’s designed specifically for choirs, works out of the box, and won’t break the bank. Read the patron and donor management feature page for details.
You need an attractive public-facing web site that you can maintain yourself without special skills, and we’ve got one for you. Read the public web site feature page for details.
When you’re choosing a choir system, you need to make sure the basics are covered, from backups and security to customization. Read the other features page for details.
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